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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Great Scott, Mr. Wilson!

Mr. Wilson is my next door neighbor. Carter loves to go over there to "visit." Last week when Mr. Wilson was sitting on his patio, Carter went over and pulled up a chair to sit by him. Then, he said, "Momaw, take a picture!" So, I got the camera and took their pic. They had the cutest little smiles on their faces. This is truly a priceless treasure.



Southernbelle said...

Awwwww! That is SO cute Momma! I know Mr. Wilson just treasured moments like this! So special! I'm glad Carter likes to hang out with him. You know he has to be lonely at times. You should take this layout over one day while Carter is there and show it to Mr. Wilson. He would enjoy seeing it. Love those papers too! They have such a masculine feel! Fabulous are on a roll! Keep goin'!

Love you bunches!!!!

Anonymous said...

How Cute is that!!!!!!!!! and your card is great too!

michele said...

I think Mr. Wilson would love to have a copy of this very cute LO framed...perhaps a Father's Day gift. This is just priceless!

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