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Sunday, March 21, 2010


Hello Everyone,

It is beginning to turn cooler here in NA. We are so ready for true "spring" weather. It has been cold, rainy, snowy, etc.. for quite some time. We are not accustomed to that in our neck of the woods.

Aymee has gone back to PA, and I really miss her. We had a great time working on cards and books. I learned how to use her SCAL program "somewhat" while she was here. I want to download that program to my "puter" soon. I did cut out 3 more books before she left. One is another DANCELINE book, one is another cheerleader book, and the other is a surprise for someone very special. I can barely wait to get them covered and personalized. I didn't work on them this weekend. I have, of all things, shingles. They are very painful and are interferring with my time to "play" with my scrappy stuff. I hope to be able to work on them some this week after school (on the days that I don't have homework - checking student's work/preparing for state testing).

I hope you have a great week. Please come back and visit with me soon.

Carol :)


Dallas Freyer said...

Carol, I am so sorry that you are feeling under the weather. I am an RN in Texas and have has some family experience with Shingles. There is now a vaccine available and I was told by my Mom's doctor that if you get the vaccine early on in the course of the attack, you do get some relief and are less likely to have residual pain. Hope you get better soon!!, Hugs, Dallas

Liz said...

Carol prayers and thoughts to your family..
Your books are great...

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