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Monday, August 3, 2009

Motion of the Ocean

Well, we are home from our cruise, and I finally feel like I am on land again. We had a GREAT time!!!! I wish we would've had an extra day at Cozumel and Calilca. There was so much to do, and not near enough time. We definitely want to go back.

These first 3 pics are of us in Calica at Xcaret. While there we toured the Mayan Archaeological Sites, the Coral Reef Aquarium, and various native animal exihibits. We also rode a boat down Paradise River and went snorkeling in the Underground River. Then, we ate lunch at the beach which is located close to the natural pool (a place to swim with the dolphins and turtles as well as explore the coral reef - we didn't have time to do these things).

1st pic - there were small sharks (2-3 feet long) swimming in the waterway next to me.

2nd pic - Ron really enjoyed the Mayan Sites.

3rd pic - was taken in the Wildlife Farm area.

The last two pics were taken on the island of Cozumel. We spent most of the day at a fabulous beach. There was a climbing wall and trampoline in the water. That was so much fun. There were also areas on the beach for massages, relaxing in hammocks or beach chairs, tiki bars, ice cream hut, volleyball, etc... We were also treated to a buffet which was replenished and kept fresh all day.

Here I am enjoying a wonderful massage!

This pic was taken at Senor Frog's. After shopping, we spent some time enjoying their veranda while waiting to board a bus to the private beach.

Thanks for visiting, and please check back soon to see some layouts of our trip.
Carol :)


Kray said...

Oh, that massage looks so good right now!

Pinky said...

Oh what a great trip!!!!!!!!!

Southernbelle said...

LOVE the pix Mom!!! It looks like so much fun! I wish I could of been there with ya.

P.S. Brandon said he was sad not to see any bikini pix....hee hee hee.

Love ya!

michele said...

Hey Carol...
It looks like you and hubby had a fabulous time on the cruise and at your ports of call. Way to relax before school begins. And from what Aymee tells me, it all started for you today.
BTW, your swap stuff was returned to me Monday. Needless to say, I wrote the wrong number on the package. Now I need to remail it to you. Such a blonde I am... I guess that is what happens when one doesn't proofread! LOL

michele said...

PS...still waiting to see your owl BB. I heard it's really cute!

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